Tanja Lind

I am a freelance photographer. 

Graduated a course “Photojournalism” on the Faculty Journalism at Lomonosov State Moscow University (Moscow, Russia). 

Was born in Moscow, but parents originally are from Estonia. I used to live in Estonia many years, now live in Denmark, 
work all around the world. 

My specialization is documentary photography, reportage (any events), portrait photography. Working on special projects.

Public collections:
Eesti Siseturvalisuse Muuseum, Tallinn, Estonia; 
Museo dello Spazzacamino, Santa Maria Maggiore, Italy;
Hopneri Maja, Tallinn, Estonia

2018 – Newspaper "Linnaleht" (Tallinn, Estonia);
2018 – Newspaper "Vechernyaya Moskva" (Moscow, Russia);
2017 – Les.Media - Photopolygon (Moscow, Russia);
2016 – Head in The Clouds, Tatjana Lind/ Published: Sreda Books, 20 copies (Moscow, 2016);
2016 – The E-Jewish Philanthropy (on-line publisher); 
2015 –  The Moscow Times (Moscow, Russia, 2015);
2015  – Newspaper "Nevskoe Vremya" (Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 2015);
2015 – Photopolygon (Russia);
2014 –  RIA Novosti (Russia);
2014 – Newspaper "Nevskoe Vremya" (Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 2014);
2014 – Louna Leht (Estonia, 2014);
2014 –  Rhythms of Word and Light, Poetry. Stained glass Dolores Hoffmann/ Published: Eesti Kultuurikapital, Domini Canes (2014, Estonia);
2014 – Internet portal "Delfi" (Latvia, 2014);
2013 – Internet portal "Delfi" (Estonia, 2013);
2013 – Internet portal "Delfi" (Latvia, 2013);
2013 – ONWARD Compé ’13 Catalog, Designed/Published: Project Basho (April 2013, USA);
2013 – Newspaper "The Jerusalem Post" ("US Russian Jews don't feel connected to community");
2013 – Newspaper "Nevskoe Vremya" (Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 2013);
2013 – Newspaper "MK-Estonia" (Estonia, 2013); 
2012 – Newspaper "Mahe Põllumajanduse Leht" (Estonia, 2012);
2012 – The Japan Lifestyle magazine "Akiba" (Estonia, 2012, 2013);
2012 – Newspaper "Stolitsa" (Estonia);
2012 – Newspaper "The Jerusalem Post" ("Limmud confab in Moscow debates", www.jpost.com);
2011 – The participant and ideologist of the Photo album of the works of graduates 2011 of special course “Photojournalism” on the Faculty Journalism at Lomonosov State Moscow University (Moscow, Russia).

2018 - Personal exhibition "Touching the sky: chimney sweepers", Central Journalist House (Moscow, Russia);
2018 - Personal exhibition "Touching the sky: chimney sweepers", Russian Museum of Photography, (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia);
2018 - Personal exhibition "Touching the sky: chimney sweepers",  Tushino gallery (Moscow, Russia);
2017 - Personal exhibition "Touching the sky: chimney sweepers", Kullo Lastegalerii (Tallinn, Estonia);
2016 – Personal exhibition "Head in The Clouds", Kullo Lastegalerii (Tallinn, Estonia);

2015 – Mutual photo exhibition "Two sides" by Maria Alekseeva and Tanja Lind, Kullo Lastegalerii (Tallinn, Estonia);
2015 – Group exhibition of street-photography "Innervisions" (Minsk, Belarus);
2014 – Group exhibition of street-photography "Innervisions" (Zelenograd, Russia);
2013 – Personal photo exhibition "Masters of old town. 10 stories", Kullo Lastegalerii (Tallinn, Estonia);
2013 – Personal photo exhibition "Masters of old town", Hopneri maja (Tallinn, Estonia);
2013 – Group photo exhibition ONWARD Compé ’13 (Philadelphia, USA);
2012 – 3D installation of the project "Re: turn: to the future: one day on an organic farm in Estonia" shown in Lisbon (Portugal) and in Valletta (Malta) in frame of program CAP: Re: turn: to the future – Agriculture (EU);
2012 – Personal photo exhibition, Kullo Lastergalerii (Tallinn, Estonia);
2012 – Personal photo exhibition "Daily routing of the chimney-sweeper", Freedom Square (Tallinn, Estonia);
2011 – Group photo exhibition of the I Russian Photography Festival “SVETOPIS-2011″ (Russian Museum of Photography, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia).