When we go to the theater, we do not even think from what the actors are going though before and after the performance. The theater is different from real life. In the theater the actors can always remove the mask but not in life. Actors feel much more emotions than usual people. Creative people always sense thinner. You can see this subtle touch behind the stage in the Art-House Drama Theater on the performance by FM Theater on the stories of the IA Bunin named The Dark of the Alley. Cursed Days. 

Director by ML Feigin.

Cast: Andrey Stoyanov, Alexey Chernichkin, Ruslan Voronin, Raisa Tkhagapsoeva, Dasha Kosynkina, Anton Yefanov, Maria Alekseeva, Alexander Konovalchuk, Elena Kuznetsova, Iris Ivanova.

Moscow (Russia), November 2011.