House with ghost

The oldest house of Tallinn is located in old town on the street, named Catherina passage. Now there is open Dolls house, which also has a dolls museum. It is well known house with history and legends and named as the house of Mauritius - a philosopher of the Middle Ages and prior of Tallinn Dominican Monastery. Also there is known as a house with ghost. Many witnesses had heard voices and sometimes there are strange things happened such as, moving dolls and even fall down closet. Employees of Dolls house insist that this is due to the fact that the world of dolls also has a different energy. Three years ago, during the house reconstruction after pipes cleaning were found antique dolls figurines hidden in a box in the fireplace. It is believed that this connection is not accidental.
This old house is also known as a house with wish stairs. The Dominican wall and ghost help to people that wishes come true. 
Few years ago residents and visitors of the Tallinn could recognized it as old house with figure of the cat on the chimney. However, in the day of the astrological cat year, the cat, who was standing on the roof just "stepped" down. Fell to the street and broke into two pieces. Fortunately, nobody was hurt. Now papier-mache of the cat has looking at you from the closet in a Doll house.

Tallinn (Estonia), 2013