Man of the sea

There are no shipbuilding industry and marines affairs nowadays in Estonia like it was before. But there is a village of captains on the north of Estonia, named Käsmu. In this village lives a man of the sea, the descendant of the famous captain dynasty, Aarne Vaik.

As a young man in 1965 became the champion of the USSR in diving on a distance of 1000 meters. Since 1993, he is a founder of the Käsmu Maritime Museum which is situated in a historic border-guard station that dates back to Russian Imperial times. Käsmu Maritime Museum is a private museum that comprises the collections of Aarne Vaik.

In addition, he is a furniture restorer and collector of relic, including the Viking Era. Aarne is an interesting storyteller, real man of the sea, knows several languages, can talk hours about the history of their village and show the things that he got in the museum. In summer time Aarne makes a workshop of maritime life for kids and spends his time sailing, fishing and smuggling. He welcomes guests from all over the world.

Käsmu (Estonia), 2014