Tallinna Paber

Tallinna paber is the only one paper mill in Estonia where makes high-quality handmade paper from natural ecological materials, also preserve the tradition of letterpress printing of books and offer the workshop of the art of calligraphy. Tallinna paber is located in a Ukrainian cultural center in old town of Tallinn.

In 1913 last paper workshop in Tallinn named Donut was closed. However, thanks to followers of the handmade paper art, paper mill named Tallinna paber has opened in 2005.

There are the studio for production high-quality handmade paper, a drying room and the studio for calligraphy – Scriptorium. To produce of handmade paper used the natural materials such as cotton and flax. The paper is made by old recipes with water marks of different sizes. For production of the greeting cards and books used old tradition of letterpress printing. The famous calligrapher of Tallinn teaches everyone to the art of the calligraphy.

Tallinna paber is a place with the unique atmosphere of medieval old town of the Tallinn.

Tallinn (Estonia), 2013