Touched by time

This is a story of traditional Estonian family Sihvre – Lembe, Peter and their son Martin. They are living behind of the city, in small village named Keila. In daily life, she is a textile designer, he is a worker. Since the childhood dances and songs have been very important for Lembe and Peter. They have met in dance ensemble and already knew each other more than 30 years. Lembe and Peter are every 5 years participate Song and Dance Celebrations. This year their son Martin has passed selection and first time participates in such event.

Song and Dance Celebrations are an old tradition in Estonia (the first song celebration took place in 1869 and the first dance celebration in 1934). This year the theme of the Song and Dance Celebrations is “Touched by time. The time to touch”. The ensemble «Juhukse» in translation means «Accidental people» where Peter and Lembe dance was formed for participation in one dancing event. But since then many years the collective have taken part in Song and Dance Celebrations. Lembe also sings in chorus.

All week they passed exhausting repetitions. The emotional pressure, daily trainings, changeable weather – cost a lot of energy. Despite of that they are happy to participate in Song and Dance Celebrations because there is a part of important tradition for Estonians.

Tallinn – Keila, Estonia, 2014